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Selling tips


First impressions count. Achieving a sale at the best price means presenting your property at its very best. To help you we have put some handy tips on how to present your home. Focus your attention on the exterior - this gives prospective buyers their first and last impression.


  • Keep pathways weed free, hedges neatly clipped, lawns mowed and timber fences, doors and gates in good condition.
  • Undertake those repairs that you’ve put off mending ie. Replace broken slates, clean out blocked gutters, fix leaking fallpipes and repair rotten window frames.
  • Undertake selective decoration where required.
  • Make sure your house number or name is clearly visible and leave space for potential buyers to park when they visit.


  • Keep the house tidy, windows clean, reduce clutter and rearrange furniture. Flowers and fruit baskets provide natural fragrance.
  • If you are planning to decorate, keep to neutral colours.
  • Maximise lighting in rooms and in winter light the fire, to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • The kitchen is a key room in any household. Make sure it is organised and tidy. Clear the worktops and ensure everywhere is spotlessly clean.
  • Bathrooms and toilets should be bright, clean and tidy. Remove excess toiletries and damp towels. Consider re-sealing around baths and shower trays if they show signs of cracking or mould.
  • DIY. Touch up any chipped paintwork and fix or replace any loose or missing tiles or handles. Lubricate creaking hinges. Your home should look like you care for it.
  • Clear bedrooms of clothes, laundry, shoes and general clutter on floors, chairs, surfaces… and don’t forget the backs of doors. Make it easier for a buyer to imagine your home with their belongings.


  • Keep pets under control, arrange for somebody to take the dog for a walk, remove the cat litter trays and pet food bowls.
  • Make sure carpets and furniture are hair free.


  • Inform the insurers
  • Leave with selected furniture
  • Remove valuables and items from sight
  • Disconnect and drain down services
  • Rearrange for redirection of post

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